Useful contacts to report rubbish or environment related issues to improve Thornton Heath.

Please continue to support our work! Ensure all problems are reported via the approaches below and please cc your ward Councillors: 

Bensham Manor ward:

Thornton Heath ward:

West Thornton ward:

We recommend reporting via the Love Clean Streets app which is free to download.

You can report the following via the Love Clean Streets app:
Parks, green space & grounds maintenance
Report issues such as overflowing litter bins, fly-tips and dead animals in parks, and grass-cutting or basal growth issues on public land.

Graffiti (photo required with report)
Graffiti refers to any drawings, scribbles, messages or ‘tags’ that are painted, written or carved on walls and other surfaces on public land/property.
Please note that reports without photos may not be actioned.

Highway defect
This includes shallow holes in roads, large areas of uneven surfaces, or other road defects which are likely to cause problems.

Highways drainage
This includes damaged or blocked gullies, drains, manhole covers or other road flooding issues.

Abandoned vehicle
A vehicle that has not been moved for a considerable time, and either isn’t taxed and/or isn’t safe (for example it may be vandalised)

Dead animal
This includes wild animals like badgers and foxes, as well as pets such as cats or dogs.

Dog fouling on public land
The person in charge of the dog is responsible for clearing up its mess. The council will not remove dog fouling from private land. Anything left on public land can be reported.

Drug-related litter
This includes any equipment, product or accessory that can be used for making, using or concealing of illegal drugs.

Empty property
Any house, maisonette, flat or other building that is currently not occupied by the owner or an authorised tenant.

Fly-tip on public land
You can report dumped waste from a single bin bag to tonnes of waste on public land.
Abandoned shopping trolleys must be reported through the Trolleywise app.


Leaf clearing on public land

Overflowing public recycling bank

Skip problems

Streets – excessive litter on streets

Streets – overflowing streets litter bin

Streets – new or relocation of street litter bins

Street furniture

Sweeper bags not collected

Trees and woodlands

Waste on private property

Weed clearance on public land

Flytips, excessive litter
, overflowing street bins, offensive graffiti etc:
1) Report using the Love Clean Streets app which you can download here for free.

2) Use Croydon Council’s My Account, then ‘report it’.
If rubbish is on private land, use

Abandoned shopping trolleys:
Report to Wanzl
or download the app: ios or android


Ongoing hotspot (problem space):
Include and , Lead Enforcement Officer for our area & Street Champion Co-ordinator respectively. Please take photos of any information that shows an address and attach to email for the enforcement team to follow up.

Problems at rented properties & HMOs:

Problems involving parks:
please email

Problems with dogs :

Noise Complaints:
My Croydon app or Croydon Council by phone: Daytime Mon-Fri 9-5pm: 020 8760 5483 Out of Hours Contact: 020 8726 6000

Anti Social Behaviour (ASB):

For problems where you suspect criminal activity:
Dial 101 (if not an emergency/no immediate danger) so that officers can attend. Please also email relevant Safer Neighbourhood Ward Team: and report on website’s easy to do).

For an emergency that requires immediate police attention:
Call 999

NB Some funding may be linked to the number of reported problems, so keep reporting!