A call for help watering our plants at Ambassador House

Many thanks to all the volunteers who have been helping to look after the plants at Ambasador House forecourt during these very hot weeks.

At the last gardening club, Daisy, Graham, Paul and Gaëtane were able to access water inside the building and using the hosepipe, filled up the water butt, the bottles and watered the plants.

Shortly before that we weren't able to access the tap so Hilary, Daisy and I went around asking businesses nearby if we could fill water bottles - they all helped us!

Yesterday, Cass, Daisy and I managed to use the hosepipe again to water. It's good to see some new growth on some plants although we have lost a number, and the hosepipe ban comes into force on Wednesday!

Is anyone able to help?

(Linda Watson 21-08-22)