Thornton Heath Local’s photo calendar competition: Deadline 22nd October

Members of the Thornton Heath Local Facebook page have launched a fun photography competition for local residents.

12 winners will be selected by the public at the Thornton Heath Festive Fair on the 12th November at the Salvation Army, 11-4pm.

These 12 winners will have their photos printed in a Thornton Heath 2023 calendar, which will be available to purchase online.


  • Anyone in Thornton Heath can take part, submitting up to two photos by Saturday 22nd October.
  • All photos must be taken in Thornton Heath.
  • Photos must be of a printable quality, meaning large images no less than 300dpi.
    Send originals, not photos taken from social media accounts.
  • Orientation must be landscape.

    Please note that any photos that don’t follow the rules won’t be accepted.

Thornton Heath themes:

  • Community
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Plants and wildlife
  • Landmarks
  • Seasonal


Photo submissions will be displayed, for all to see, at the Thornton Heath Festive Fair on Saturday 12th November, 11-4pm.

Everyone at the Fair who would like to vote will be given a sticker to place by their favourite photo. Voting finishes at closing time (4pm).

Printed Calendars

We’ll be able to purchase calendars online at the end of November.

Winners will have the chance to buy them at a reduced rate.

Although this is not a Thornton Heath Community Action Team project, we are supporting it through promotion. We will also be volunteering on the day of voting at the Fair.

If you too would like to volunteer, please contact Sue:

Update: 2023’s winning photos