Our Xmas tree set up: thanks Andrea for buying, carrying, transporting the best and biggest tree we have ever had. Thanks Linda for all the decoration, tree base and organising the railing. Thanks Sarah, Dave and Dexter for the best mince pies. Thanks Nicola and her girls for making the fantastic brownies and giving them to everyone who passed the station (true festive spririt, me think ), Gaetane, David, Karen, Averil, Mohammed, Marley, Karen, Christine, Caroline, Suzie, Kirsten... and so many more giving your time to help setting up the tree and the railing. I am so impressed with the result and let’s make it better and bigger every year (which we did). I will organise a free photoshoot by the tree so watch this space! Marley, Sarah and Kirsten, you must come this time. Thank you everyone xxx #lovethorntonheath