Eco Brick at the Pond

EcoBrick fountain wall update:

Thank you to all the EcoBrick donations, with Heidi, Elilidh, Chris, Liz, amongst them. I have about 100 EcoBricks at the moment, and I'm looking for over 500. This will mean around 175kg of plastic in the wall, which is an equivalent to about 90,000 crisp packets.
Once you start packing the plastic into bottles you will be shocked at how much of it we waste! And you will never look at plastic the same again, and how much of it is needlessly used by shops.
So please get packing the EcoBricks. Start off with a certain colour at the bottom of the brick, for example a blue walkers cheese and onion crisps packet, then fill the EcoBrick to a third of the weight in grams, to the volume: for example a one litre bottle will weigh about 330g of plastic.

Thanks all



P/S: Please email with your address and Pete will get back to you to arrange pick up. Thank you!