Meeting minutes 2nd August 2016


Agenda Item



Finance Update - David reported that the funds from Jamie have been received and the account now stands at £3,100 including £750 being held for Thornton Heath Arts Week until their own account has been opened.






Chaldon Path - Turnout for the action day was big and most people were very positive. Thanks expressed to Tracey Bellamy for providing all equipment. Mural and railings were painted and planters planted up. Local residents have agreed to watering. There is nothing to say who did the work.

Vân to make a plaque crediting THCAT with work on the path, plus one for the Station as some people think it is an extension of Doris the Florist.


In Bloom - All who entered were invited to prizegiving. Many entered and others did some planting without entering after leafleting. It was a success that should be built on for next year.

Team (for next year)

·      Planning & publicity from Easter

·      Use Estate Agent boards & seek sponsorship

·      Create an In Bloom Trail Map

·      Make part of Thornton Heath Arts Week.


Litter Campaign - Scoop the Poop posters were given out for members to put up in relevant areas. There is still some funding left for the Litter Campaign - be run in Autumn.

Discuss at next meeting


Station - It is hoped to meet with station staff to discuss planting and improvements on the platforms. This has already been done at Norbury Station.

Linda to arrange.


Hotspot to Beauty Spot Campaign -

Beulah Road: The grass near the railway bridge is overgrown and full of rubbish. Fast growing shrubs as at the Rugby field were suggested, as were daffodils.


Railway Tunnel Bridge from Bensham Manor Road: Mural as at Chaldon Path is planned. Nearby house with overgrown garden also needs to be sorted out.



Ambassador House Area: Forecourt cleaning is work in progress. Beer cans are the biggest problem. Stanley reported on on-the-spot fines and court appearances. Massage stickers are appearing everywhere - Gaetane has been removing but they constantly reappear. (Police working on this). It has been established that Chancellor Court Car Park is the responsibility of Network Rail.





Linda to email house location to Stanley who will then check it out.

Jamie to obtain permission for mural.

All - Action Day - Sat 15/10/16 from 10am

Stanley to report on meeting with Ambasador House in September and check if Ambassador House is still and No Drinking zone.

Alison to report on outcome from Network Rail after they come back to her on 18 August re Chancellor Court.


Links to Arts Festival

Links to be made for planning and publicity across the summer from the Parade of Nations through to Arts Week and the Thornton Heath Festival. "In Bloom" judging fell in Arts Week and will be incorporated in it in future.



Daffodil Planting

As many daffodils as possible to be planted at venues around Thornton Heath. Last year were provided by Tesco and Sainsbury.


Linda to liaise with Quadron re subsequent mowing.

All - Planting Dates:

Sunday 25 September 12-2

Sunday 2 October 12-2


Norbury Avenue and Thornton Heath Residents' Association

We have been asked to work with this group. Their "Be Respectful" project covers not only litter and environment but also discrimination and domestic violence. THCAT members present felt this was beyond our remit and we could only sign post to this group rather than be directly involved.



Feedback on Member Strategies

Mary reported that in Quadrant Rd planting had increased after distribution of "In Bloom" leaflets. Hedges cut after Stanley visited and parking improved.

Barbara and Chris are doing on-going work in Melfort Road in conjunction with Stanley and Alison. There are still no trees in the street.

Mohammed reported rubbish has improved but wants posters from the Council.



Andrea reported that tree bases become the target of litter and dog fouling. She made a blue painted border and planted with flowers around one tree which could be replicated. One of the trees outside Tesco needs replacing.


Stanley to provide further copies of the Street Champions Charter for distribution.








Barbara to liaise with Andrea writing to Richard Edwards (Council contact for trees) re tree planting for the coming Autumn.


Thornton Heath Regeneration Update

Andrea, THCAT's representative on the steering commitee, reported that the department has been restructured with Clive Kershaw as lead officer. Progress is slow.

·      People's connection to Thornton Heath history to be incorporated into paving outside the library. THCAT to put forward representation.

·      Designs are in place for Whitehorse Roundabout.

·      The entrance arch for Trumble Gardens has dropped out of the plan. The Council want to remove the shrubs. Discussion ongoing to reinstate arch and have some alternative planting.

·      The Community Hub has been dropped.

·      The pavement to be widened at Cotford Road and by the bus stop.

·      CVA have been appointed as Consultants to deal with High St businesses with a support package and to improve football fan experience. There will be 10 level 2 and 10 level 3 apprenticeships.


Concern was expressed about the number of empty shops and Thomas Farley pub (Antic considered as possible new owners) and also about the boarding on the new mosque at the end of Brigstock Road.

















Jamie to check what can be done to empty shop fronts (eg decorative boarding as at W Croydon).

Linda to circulate email contact for Antic

All to email Antic re Thomas Farley


Thornton Heath Festival

Takes place on Sunday 4th September. We should have a stall and could include a face-to-face survey on how people would like the High Street to look in 5 years time.

Volunteers: Ian, Mohammed, Barbara, Vân, Harriet, Mary, Gaetane, Chris. Ian to make contact with organisers re stall.

Jamie to devise survey.


Date of next meeting - Tuesday 20th September 7-8.30pm

Linda confirm venue.