Minutes of THCAT meeting on 21st June 2017

Minutes of THCAT meeting on 21st June 2017

At St.Paul’s Church Hall, St.Paul’s road

(28 people attending)

Apologies: Chris Milton, Jamie Audsley, David Fell

Alison Butler (Croydon Council Deputy Leader) Reply to written questions:

Article 4 has to be evidence-based. Permission from the Secretary of State is required. An assessment of the impact on amenities also needs to be carried out.

Alison stressed that housing needs have to be addressed, as well as the impact from one area onto another.

Boundaries would be drawn up around needs. Consultation takes 6 weeks. Overall, it would take 18 months from here to getting Article 4 implemented.

Nicola Townsend (Croydon Council Planning Department):

The work of evidence should be carried out first.

Neil Gracie-Langrich (Croydon Council HMO Department)

Other Boroughs, Newham for example, report a positive outcome from implementing Article 4.

There are 349 mandatory HMOs in Croydon.

The aim of selective licensing is that it helps the day to day management of the properties.

Fire safety is split between the Fire Brigade and the Local Authority.

The Croydon Landlords Licensing Scheme meant that Gas Safety licensing was brought up-to-date.

There are 30,000 rented properties in Croydon.

Tenants are asked by the Council to contact their landlords in writing to try and improve their relationships with them rather than rely on the Council as intermediary.

The issue of digging basements in properties was brought up. Neil told us that properties do not need planning permission to do that if it is a single household.

The issue of planning for businesses was brought up. Neil told us that changes of use from A1 to A5 are permitted without planning.

65% of Thornton Heath High Street remains A1.

Updates were provided on Manchester road and the Thomas Farley pub where council officers are liaising closely with the land owner/letting agent.

Andrea & Paul: Regeneration
The new market in the high street is going to be piloted for 12 months with arts & craft stalls outside Ambassador House.
Total budget: £25,000 managed by a local group.
There will be 10 stalls open on Saturday & Sunday.
Market will open in September/October

Andrew: Arts week
Events & dates were shared
Graham: The Norbury Brook clean-up event was promoted.

Linda & Gaëtane: People’s Health Trust Project
Linda declared the Project launched today and gave an introduction.

Gaëtane gave a short presentation followed by asking THCAT members to volunteer to recruit street leaders in 10 streets for the project.

5 THCAT members added their names to the 2 already on the list (Linda & Gaëtane) : Mohammed Mir, Pete Lawrence, John Lawlor & Angela.

Next meeting: Tuesday 8th August at St.John’s Church, Bensham Manor Road