Next meeting 21st June 16 & Street Education Campaign Training Session

Please come to our next meeting and join the team!

Agenda for the meeting:

- Financial            

  • Current account at a glance
  • Bank balance
  • Income
  • Fundraising

- Communications

  • Engage with membership: generate more people and larger groups for events/activities
  • Members database update
  • Diary/calendar post on website and Facebook
  • Email group
  • Post meeting agendas (with venue) 
  • Post meeting notes 

- Station Partnership

  • Value engineer* our proposals/reformulate offer to address reduced budget
  • Engage artisans and contributors, get concrete offers
  • Meet GTR

- Events

Street Education Campaign Training Session run by Jamie:

1) Running an education session to support us all team build on our streets and prepare for our upcoming actions

2) Discussing new roles people can contribute to if you'd like to get a bit more involved

3) Doing a quick update on projects and progress

If you have something you want to see discussed & added to the agenda please email 

Look forward to seeing you then.