Paint a mural at Footbridge between Bensham Manor and ELM, Gillet Road

There was an amazing community spirit again with many helpers, with neighbours bringing us food and passers by thanking us all! Also great to have our 3 Bensham Manor Councillors all there getting stuck in! Thank you everyone!


*** AFTER ***

Photos by Cllr. Jamie Audsley and Beccy Clark from THCAT

Join us on Saturday 15th October 2016, 10AM-3PM at the footbridge between Bensham Manor and Gillet, ELM Road to paint a mural and make it a cleaner and safer place for all.

Any help is appreciated. You can help on the day for however long you can. Local architect Conrad Dupont is coming up with a design. Cllr. Jamie Audsley has knocked at doors in the neighbourhood and we also have leaflets to deliver.

If you can deliver some leaflets or spread the words please contact us at

Thank you and we hope to see you there!


A few considerations:

We will need metal paint for the actual bridge which has a much longer drying time which limits what we can do. There is also potentially a lot more painting to do, so depending on numbers of people I have gone for a simpler design.

The Plan:

- Clean path and bridge to be free from any litter and overgrowth.
- Install solar LED lights (with motion detectors) - to bridge and path.
- Stripy pattern to metal footbridge to make use of the corrugated metal pattern.
- Simple strong geometries on the brick wall along the path which will be lit up at night.
- Paint handrails black.

Feedback / thoughts welcome. x

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