Street Parties


If you are planning a Street Party for either the Royal Wedding on Saturday 19th May or "The Big Lunch" on the weekend of 2-3 June, the deadlines to apply for a road closure are Friday 20th April and Friday 4th May respectively.  The Council's e-mail is copied below

Dear all,
Royal Wedding & The Big Lunch Street Party -  Friday 20 April 2018 (Royal Wedding) or Friday 4th May 2018 (Big Lunch)
The council is encouraging residents to get involved in hosting a Big Lunch or Royal Wedding street party, to bring neighbours and communities together over a shared meal in an act of community, friendship and fun.
The Big Lunch is a very simple idea - get as many people as possible across Croydon to have lunch with their neighbours. 
Organising a Royal Wedding or Big Lunch Street Party
To support local communities and ensure that everybody enjoys celebrating the Big Lunch or Royal wedding street party on either Saturday 19 May (Royal Wedding), or the weekend of 2-3 June 2018 (Big Lunch), the council is committed to covering the cost of the Traffic Management Orders (TMOs) required for any necessary road closures.
If you are planning to hold one of these events it is important that you read  Frequently asked questions  and complete and submit the online party event form by Friday 20 April 2018 (Royal Wedding) or Friday 4th May 2018 (Big Lunch).   Please note the form is only for use in connection with Royal Wedding or Big Lunch Street Party.
For details of last year's events, inspiration and information on organising these occasions please visit The Big Lunch website.
Royal Wedding – Saturday 19 May 2018
The Big Lunch – Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 June 2018
Yvonne Aryeetey
Strategy & Community Assistant

Why not get your neighbours together and get to know them better.