THCAT Public Meeting: 6th September 2023

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Thornton Heath Community Action Team (THCAT) held at St Alban’s Church Hall on Wednesday 6 September 2023

  1. Welcome by Andrea, the Chair
  2. Health and Safety – Father Sean explained the location of fire exits, toilets
    and kitchen.
  3. Apologies – Paul Voden, Beulah Coombs, Mohammed Mir
  4. Financial Report Andrea asked David, treasurer, to talk through the report.
    Unfortunately, no copies were available but it would be published on the
    website. A few questions were asked, one relating to unspent ward budget
    and whether this should be given to a similar community cause if not being
  5. Annual Report Andrea talked through the different sections of the report
    asking the relevant committee member to add their comments. The report is
    now available to read on
  6. Election of committee members Andrea explained that she will be stepping down as Chair and from the Committee; she was one of the founder members in 2014 and has contributed much to the local community and to THCAT. She explained that there were no nominations for the role of Chair, treasurer or secretary and that Graham would also be stepping down from his role as Vice Chair and from the Committee. Each nomination was then announced together with the name of the seconder. Andrea asked for a show of hands in favour. Ballots were not needed as nominations did not
    exceed vacancies. Elections to the Committee were as follows:

    Paul Voden – Vice Chair and fly tipping, seconded by Gaetane
    Gaetane Jones – fly tipping, seconded by Barbara
    Barbara Richards – fly tipping, seconded by Gaetane
    Shelly Daniels – fundraising, seconded by Graham
    Wesley Baker – design & social media, seconded by Graham

    Andrea thanked Father Sean and team for hosting the meeting and all outgoing Committee Members for their work over the last year. Barbara presented Andrea and Graham each with a bunch of flowers, card and gift from the outgoing committee, thanking them too for all their hard work for THCAT and they left the meeting.
  7. The new committee Barbara took on the role of Chair in the absence of Paul Voden (newly elected vice chair). The committee proceeded to co-opt the following members in line with THCAT’s Constitution, June 2021, section 7.l.

    Shelly Daniels – secretary (as well as fundraiser)
    Linda Watson – green and sustainable
    Cass Harrison – to be decided

    The new Committee had a very short meeting whilst attendees mingled.
    Barbara announced that David was co-opted by the new committee to continue as treasurer until a replacement can be found and Linda was co-opted to the role of Chair.

    Linda explained that she too had been one of the founder members and was Chair of THCAT from when it became constituted in January 2015 until Spring 2021, when she stepped down. At the request of the Committee, she was resuming this role now, (on a temporary basis) in order to prevent THCAT from dissolving.

    The meeting closed after each person introduced themselves, talked about what concerns they have for Thornton Heath and what makes them passionate about the area. People were pleased that THCAT will continue.