The Green Mile Project

Many of you may have seen the beautiful planter now installed on the Pond. Many more to follow!
However, before we go racing ahead and bringing in a sea of colour, we need members, locals to the Pond, to help with watering and maintenance.
Members of the 'Our Green Mile', are going to call on local businesses around the Pond to ask for help in providing water and keeping a watering can available. The project will provide them with it. And some may volunteer to water and maintain the plants. So we need volunteers who will be committed in watering the plants to help maintain the bright and colourful Pond.
Please get in touch if you are willing to be part of the team to help maintain and water the Pond. The more interested people we get, the less work each person has to do, so the more the merrier!!
I am hoping to start planting towards the end of March, but need volunteers and businesses in place before the planting starts! Thanks.
 'Together let's bring pride and brightness into our area'

The Green Mile is a new project in conjunction with Broad Green Residents Association which aims to green London Road from the energy garden at West Croydon Station to Thornton Heath Pond.  Please see below the minutes of their first meeting.  Hope it inspires you to take part. Get in touch! Email:

The Green Mile meeting - Pond Cafe
13/1/18 - 9am - 10am
Stuart King, Mohammed Ali, malcolm Bell, Michael To, Janet Campbell, Peter Lawrence
Item 1:
PL gave details of the Pond Project
Group to be called 'Friends of the Pond.'
Stuart King contribution of £500 which has helped launch the Pond Project. Photos being kept for future use. 
Phase 1: planting of flowers and bulbs. £110 has been used so far to plant bulbs and flowers on bark covered areas. 
Phase 2: planting of spring plants in March - April - plus colourful planters to be fixed in place to brighten up the Pond. The first planter will be fixed in place and planted in conjunction with a planter outside West Croydon station, to signify the starting the Green Mile Project. 
Phase 3: incorporating flower beds, preparing for electrical fitting for lights in trees with a November (Diwali) switch on. Waiting for confirmation of cost from Skanksa. 
All present confirmed name of group to be called 'Friends of the Pond' 
Item 2:
Stuart King: maybe able to find funding from local developers around the Pond as per their 106 agreement. 
By whom: Stuart King
action date 1/3/2018
Item 3:
A logo has to be designed, at the earliest, for the Green Mile, to include THCAT, The Pond, Broad Green and West Croydon Energy Garden. By whom: Michael/Van. 
Action Date: 27/1/18
Item 4:
Design and print leaflets concerning the Pond to businesses and local residents. To ask:
1. Would you like to be involved in changing the Pond
2. What would you like to see in the Pond
(Anything else) contact details to be confirmed. 
By whom: Michael/Van/Pete/Malcolm
Action Date: 3/4 Feb
Item 5:
The group to leaflet drop, early February. 
By whom: Friends of the Pond Group. 
Action Date: Date to be arranged.
Item 6:
The group will work with The council on environmental proposal and community funding for the Pond/Green Mile
By whom: Mohammed/Stuart/Janet
Action Date: on going (feedback regularly to group)
Item 7:
Sign for the Pond. 
Stuart has investigated a sign for the Pond, replacing the old pub sign. High cost though. Maybe something created by members could be achieved. 
By whom: Stuart/Friends of the Pond
Date: go over at next meeting
Item 8:
Engagement with local residents maybe a Drop in session to use office of Steve ReedMP. 
By whom: Malcolm/Pete
Action: date to be arranged late March
Item 9:
Social media: ask ideas, Sean Creighton,  Janet to contact, on local history photographs. Look at creating a twitter account, Facebook page-link.
By whom: Friends of the Pond
Action Date: Discuss at next meeting
Miscellaneous action points:
Mohammed - obtain permission from Steve Iles concerning placing of planters on the streets.
Permission for planters on the Pond given verbally. Pete to get written permission?
Stuart/Pete to chase Steve Iles on getting water at the Pond. 
Stuart agreed to fund the Green Mile Project of £1000 from his community budget.
Funding bids to be in by late February for future funding, before restrictions come into place for the council elections.
Date of next meeting: TBA
Get in touch! Email: