Campaign for a new restaurant in Thornton Heath

At last night’s meeting we revealed three visions for the forthcoming year for Thornton Heath Community Action Team meeting.

I am heading up the High Street vision and one of the prime targets is to campaign and lobby through social media and emailing new businesses to come to Thornton Heath and fill our empty shops. We had lots of discussions about what we would like to see to add to and enhance what we already have on the High Street.

In the last year thanks to the lobbying of the local community we have seen Costa and now Antic London hearing our call to come to Thornton Heath. 

So our next target is to attract a restaurant and fill the empty HSBC building.

Targets include: Nandos, Pizza Express and a curry house that already has three restaurants nearby in South London.

So using Twitter or Facebook can you please contact one of the following or Retweet or like anything that is posted and spread the word. Feel free to include other restaurants. Keep it simple:

For example @pizzaexpress #ThorntonHeath loads of potential and lots of customers wanting decent restaurant. We also have the perfect property 4 u?

Pizza Express Facebook and twitter @pizzaexpress

Nandos Twitter @NandosUK
Facebook @Nandos.UnitedKingdom

Curry restaurants same for Facebook and Twitter

Here are the freehold details for the HSBC and I am told they are taking bids until January 20 (Friday) so lets get typing and get ourselves a restaurant!…/properties/property_details_uknew…

For those who would prefer to email I'll post email address later for the businesses. It does work so please just give five minutes aside to do this.