Initial work THCAT are planning to do at Thornton Heath Pond

THCAT has received the £500 from Cllr Stuart King for us to start the initial stage of brightening up the Pond. This will include:
• Planting daffodil bulbs and other bulbs around the Pond area. (November 18th)

• Organising a sub-committee of THCAT to run the project. (ASAP)

• Making planters and fixing them, and planting with a range of colourful plants. (Spring 2018).

• Organising local residents to help maintain the flowers.

• Involving the local residents in what further work they would like to see at the Pond, budget permitting.


Step 1: Clearing and Bulb planting morning will be Saturday 18th November at 10.15 (after the opening of the Bug Hotel at the Garage at 10am). All people interested please meet at the Pond or Bug Hotel to start the Clearing and bulb planting. Finish at 12.00

Step 2: if anyone in the group know of or you know anyone who would like to be involved in the sub-group responsible for the Pond, please let me know, or turn up on the 18th and we'll talk about it.

Step 3: After the sub-group has been set up we can speak to local residents about the Pond and how to spend the money, and any future funding.

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