Street by street action

Useful contacts to report rubbish dumping or environment related issues in our area. Dermot Linehan - our area's Lead Enforcement Officer has supported us to enforce on-the-spot fines and ensure people face court appearances where necessary. Please continue and support our work! Ensure all problems reported via the approaches below and please Cc your Cllrs for the ward you are in.

1.For a fly-tip please email

2. For an ongoing hotspot (problem space) include - and , Lead Enforcement Officer for our area and Street Champion Co-ordinator respectively. Please take photos of any information that shows an address and attach to email for our enforcement team to follow up.

4. For problems with rented properties & HMO's include

5. For problems that involve parks, please include

6. For problems that involve graffiti please use dedicated email address:

7. For problems where you suspect criminal activity the best course of action is to dial 101 (if not an emergency/no immediate danger) so that officers can attend promptly.

Please also email relevant Safer Neighbourhood Ward Team (A/PS White, PC Bell, PC Norris, PCSO Kufuor) (A/PS White, PC Kennedy, PC Souch, PCSO Storey) (PS Peacock, PC Pitt, PC Cupitt, PCSO Simmons)

8. For an emergency that requires immediate police attention please call 999