THCAT Meeting minutes 11/4/2017

Meeting held on 11/4/2017 from 7-8.30pm at Thornton Heath Leisure Centre

1. Welcome and apologies

The meeting was attended by 23 members who were welcomed by Linda. Apologies were received from Angela and Humayun.

2. Maintaining existing projects

a) Watering

Through the summer planting needs watering even if there is rain because containers are small.  We can get water on the Tesco side from Doris the Florist where a pump for the hanging baskets if stored and on the Ambassador House side, Wetherspoons has a tap and stores a hose-pipe for us.  The following members agreed to take this on and to notify Linda or find a replacement if they are unable to:

Station Hanging Baskets: Mon/Tues Lesley; Thurs/Fri Mary Cameron

Behind Station Fence: Mary Cameron

Station Railint Troughs: David

Troughs by Tesco:  Van

Ambassador House: Louise from the Salvation Army

Clock Tower: James (occasionally) + ?

 b) Evil Bridge - anti-graffiti paint for repainting wil cost £400.  Funding is needed from the Council.  There is bad littering on the footpath at Bensham Manor Road end.

c) Chaldon Path - no current problems.

3. Vision into Action


Key Areas:          

  • Health Lottery Active Communities funding: 20 potential Street Champions to work with us over 2 years.
  • measures in Melfort and /Grange road.
  • In Bloom Competition 2017.

What remains to be done by next meeting (May):

  • : As Action Team gave backing to proceed with completion of Health Lottery bid, documents need to be completed and submitted in the next 4 weeks.
  • : As Stuart King is going to attend our next meeting, continue to liaise with Council for (low cost) traffic-calming measures in Melfort and Grange road. Linda to invite.
  • : As Action Team agreed with current terracotta colour, the new metal stencil logo on the flower bed outside the station can be done again. The logo will also appear at other locations. Pete's wooden troughs are ready to go out.
  • : As several team members (Harriett, Barbara, Andrea, Gaëtane, Vân, Pete) have agreed to display the In Bloom Kingsbury advertising boards, we can go ahead with our request with the estate agent.

A Big Lunch and Play Streets were suggested for community development.

Not all members were clear about how to report Fly tipping, graffiti etc. Jamie agreed to liaise with Stanley, Dermot and other Council Officers to produce a comprehensive guide to reporting these issues plus parks, HMO's, landlord licensing etc.


A Parks Update appears on p. 2 of the new Chronicle.

  • Team has been established to work with Councillors.
  • Quick wins have been achieved: Trees in Trumble Gardens; Hedge cut and light fixed in the Rec.
  • Details of anything to be done in the parks should be sent to Jamie, Andrea, Mohammed and Paul.

Members discussed the extreme littering over the sunny weekend.  Jamie to establish clarity on the cleaning schedule and who to report to.  Council is developing a Parks App.

Putting out the message to take litter home if bins are full sugested via Social Media or leaflets in school book bags.  Members to go out to parks/schools to talk to people about this.  Jamie to take this issue to next Parks meeting.

The Gun Incident near the Rec on Friday was also raised. There was no reassurance from the police. Such incidents need to be nipped in the bud.  If there is a specific incident ring 999.  Issue will be taken to the Ward Panel Meeting on 26th April - Linda. 


Andrea was unable to give a regeneration update as the Regeneration Meetings keep being cancelled, the Regeneration Manager has moved to another department and a new appointment is awaited.

Van and Andrea are to produce a business video, funded from Jamie's budget, and an interactive map of the High Street.

Shop Updates:

  • HSBC - sale has not yet been completed, so do not know what use it will be put to.
  • Antic is going through the legal process and hope to complete by the end of the month
  • Empty Chicken Shop opposite Kingsbury- ? new use.
  • Zainab Bookshop - now Roosters.
  • Old GMZ on Brigstock Road - ? to be Wine Bar - no planning application yet.
  • Small steps are being made on food hygiene - Jamie to keep up pressure on this.

Street Market:

First market hoped for in May.  Andrea to update at next meeting.

4. Spruce-up of Arriva Garage.

The Arriva Garage at Thornton Heath Ponds has an area of ground which is untidy and overgrown with weeds.  Linda has discussed with them the possibility of THCAT sprucing it up and Cllr Stuart King has offered funding from his ward budget. Volunteers will be needed to paint railings, weed and plant when the details have been agreed.

5. Station Project

Linda and Pete have met with the new Manager who is keen to be involved with the Community.  We have measured up for 3 flower tubs which will be ready to go on the railings on Platform 2 at the end of next week.  Pete to post date on Facebook page for volunteers to help.  Linda asked for volunteers who travel regularly to water these but members felt we should ask that Station Staff do this.

6. Parade of Nations/Thornton Heath Festival

The meeting agreed that we should have a stall at the Parade of Nations on 29th July in Trumble Gardens and at the Thornton Heath Festival on the High Street on 3rd September.  Volunteers will be needed to man the stalls on a rota. 

7. Ward Boundary Changes

The proposed Ward Boundary changes which would have taken Grangewood Park out of Thornton Heath are not going to happen.  Bensham Manor ward will be split into two with two Councillors each.  Overall there will be more Councillors with more ward budgets. (For further details see the Chronicle.

8. Refugee Week

Paul, Barbara and Andrea have visited the hostel on Brigstock Road.  Migrant Help would like more connection with THCAT and the Community. It would be good to do something in Refugee Week in mid-June. A cook off was suggested. ? Can it be linked to High Street improvements.

Barbara has spoken to Father Francis at St. Andrews who will find out who he can make links with.

As part of Arts Week on 17 July there will be a screening at Scratchley Hall, Age UK.  This is a film about child migration and will be part of a fund raising evening on the migration crisis and Thornton Heath.  It would be good to get Brigstock House involved in this.

9. HMO's

Members appreciate the need for low cost housing but some streets seem saturated leading to problems with parking, rubbish, sewage, noise, schools, health provision.  The Landlord licensing system is of limited use if it is not fully enforced so we need to be holding the Council to account. Occupancy beyond intended levels and licensing is almost impossible to police where there is sub-letting, hot-bedding etc. but Councils can charge landlords to make properties habitable.  Members would like to invite Cllr Alison Butler to the next meeting.

10. Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 17th May - venue to be confirmed.

If you have any concern or anything to add in our next meeting please email: